Slurry Pump Foundry


The foundry uses advanced computer assistant engineering software to design products and technology, which makes our method and level of design reach international advanced level. 

The main products are ZJ(L) 、ZD、ZGB、ZM(R) 、ZH(R)、ZHH、ZL(R) series of slurry pump;ZT、ZTL、ZTX(R)series of desulfurization pump;PW、PW(L)、WD(G)series of sewage pump;IS(R) 、D(G)、S(H)series of clarified water pump, etc. 

Diameter range: 25-1000mm; Capacity: 5-25000 m3 /h; Head:5-110m. 

The foundry can produce different materials including High Chromium White Iron, Super High Chromium Hypereutectic White Iron, Low Carbon High Chromium Alloy, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel,

Duplex Stainless Steel, Ductile lron, Grey Iron, etc. Also can provide natural rubber, elastomer rubber parts and pumps.

The foundry implements 'Comprehensive Quality Control' strictly and has been approved

ISO9001:2008GB/T19001-2008 Quality Management System Certificate.